Wild Wares Studio

Artistry in Motion. Simple beauty is often times the greatest artistry. Lampwork and glass artistry is taking one form of beauty and transforming it into another different form of beauty.

Through the years of experimenting with many types of glass (rod, sheet, scrap), and while mixing and blending various combinations, I have produced many shapes of color and light. Many of these experiments have created beauty and others, well; they have been lessons of what not to mix! Glass is such an incredible medium, and I count myself fortunate to be part of the art glass movement.

For more than two decades, I have had the great fortune to be taught by some of the most amazing glass artists known today. My creative palette has been enriched by their direction and technique and have extended those riches to the students in my studio and classes. It is exciting to see where and how far artists push and evolve their craft. The journey has been an adventure and I hope you will join me creating an adventure for yourself!